How Do You Know?

How do you know?  This is a title of a really cute movie with Reece Witherspoon and Paul Rudd…it’s worth watching. This is a good question not only for romantic relationships but also when searching information.  When you are gathering information for a project, how do you know that you have all that you need or is there still some earth shaking fact that you have yet to find? All things being equal, meaning you or someone you hired are somewhat competent at researching, how do you know can come down to a matter of time and money.

There needs to be defined what it is that you want to know and what will be the effect on your situation when the information is found and acted upon. However, once the research has begun other pieces are found maybe outside of what you assumed. Care must be taken at this juncture as not to go off on a different direction inadvisably. Remember time and money are almost always factors.

The solution to such matters is to decide on a time frame and a spend up to dollar amount at the beginning. If  arriving to this point, a decision needs to occur. You continue with more research or you decide to stop. The real solution however is created up front in determining what it is that you really want to know, why do you want to know it, what will be done with the info once you have it, and by whom?

It’s how you know. It is a process.

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